Sunday, April 28, 2019 – The Kind Cleanse: an Ayurvedic Detox Workshop $75 

Let Lisa Power, yoga teacher and co-founder of RASA Ayurveda, introduce you to Ayurveda and The Kind Cleanse: an organic and Ayurvedic detox program centered around a simple yet deeply nourishing and cleansing dish called Kitchari. This one-pot, mung bean, rice and vegetable ‘stew’ has been prescribed seasonally for thousands of years for its gentle but powerfully cleansing benefits on the physical, emotional and energetic levels. If you’ve ever done a raw juice cleanse and wondered why it felt harsh, aggressive, cold and depleting, you will be relieved to learn how you can remove excess Ama (toxins/waste), reboot your metabolism and soothe your gut in a way that will bring warmth and restoration. You will have the chance to gather with other beings who long for better health and together, learn how to prepare this potent and purifying meal for your own cleansing intentions as well as how to adjust the simple recipe to your unique Ayurvedic body constitution.


Saturday, April 27, 2019 – Yoga + Kombucha + Ukulele @Abbey Retreat Centre $80

Join us for an evening of Yoga, Kombucha and Ukulele at the Abbey Retreat Centre. We will start our evening with a gentle yoga practice to open and prepare the body for playing the Ukulele with Amanda Rico and then follow up with some delicious Kombucha and a lesson from Haliburton Guitar Studio to learn how to play the ukelele. You get to keep your ukulele at the end of the eveing.